​​Nannypalooza UK

25-26 November 2017

Park Inn Hotel Heathrow

​Tickets from £149


​​Christmas Nanny Ball

9 December 2017

Lucy Robertson is a qualified British Nanny and Childcare Consultant with over 12 years experience.

She started out her career in a nursery and then quickly progressed to the role of a private Nanny. She has a wealth of experience in a number of  childcare roles.

Lucy's expertise and indeed her passion, centres around solving problems that occur during the 'toddler years'.

She gained her N.E.S.T qualification in 2011  She also holds a C.A.C.H.E diploma and certificates in Childcare and Development

Lucy is the proud mummy to Otis who was born in October 2016


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​Helen McCarthy is a Qualified British Nanny with over 26 years experience as a Nanny, Maternity Nurse and Childcare Consultant.


Helen has devoted her career to the care of children at all stages of life, with all levels of needs.


Over the course of the past 15 years, Helen has developed an exclusive focus on caring for new-borns.


As one of the pre-eminent Maternity Nurses in London and Florida she has amassed a deep understanding of the needs and development of new-borns including premature infants, twins, triplets and babies with allergies.

​Helen was named International Nanny of the Year 2016.

Helen is also  a Director of Bexhill Community Playhouse Ltd & NannyPalooza UK Ltd, a member of both The Association of Birth and Baby Professionals, The International Nanny Association, The Maternity Nurse Association and The British Association of Professional Nannies.

helen McCarthy N.N.EB